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We all need an air conditioner in our lives, so much so that this contraption which was designed as a luxury has now turned into one of the necessities of urban life. Considering that the temperatures in Hallandale Beach, FL area can be sometimes merciless, today, we’ve grown accustomed to and associate our everyday comfort with these marvels of engineering. In the last few decades alone, the market for air conditioners has quadrupled, with manufacturers improving upon existing models and offering consumers better cooling, efficiency and longevity. But as they say, all it takes is one wrong move to bring a well-built tower crashing down – and that’s exactly the case with your air conditioners. You might splurge on the most expensive air conditioner around only to find that it doesn’t live up to the claims. In most cases, the problem isn’t with the unit itself, but lies in the way it’s been installed.

That’s why when it comes to installation, never cut corners or make compromises with the technician you hire. Always choose someone from a reputed AC service company like Hallandale Beach AC Repair by dialing 954-362-0439 to carry out the process.

Is improper installation even possible?

Hallandale Beach AC Repair Hallandale Beach, FL 954-362-0439Most people are under the delusion that improper installation isn’t even a thing; after all, if it’s working that must mean that it’s properly installed, right? Wrong! New AC installation has multiple dimensions than what we perceive it, and thus, handing it out to an amateur or attempting to do it yourself is not likely to end well. An improperly installed air conditioner is bound to run into persistent operational issues, lead to high energy bills and is likely to die well ahead of its lifespan. So, before you reach out to a manual or the internet to attempt an installation, ask yourself this: are you willing to risk your investment to save a few bucks? If not, then make the smart move and rope in an expert from us!

How we carry out the installation process?

Being a renowned company in the region that’s called upon by both residential and commercial clients in the region, when you call us in for the job expect nothing but the best from us. We follow a methodic approach to new AC installation that allows us to deliver superior services, every time:

Step 1: Consultation

If you haven’t already bought an AC and are unsure which one to opt for, ask us! We’ll analyze your property and recommend the best fit for your requirements.

Step 2: Assessment:

We examine your property, ensure it is insulated properly, determine which areas need to be cooled, chart a ductwork layout in case it needs to be laid, and come up with a complete installation plan.

Step 3: Estimates:

Hallandale Beach AC Repair doesn’t believe in keeping its customers in the dark and adding unpleasant surprise charges towards the end. Once we know exactly what needs to be done, we quote the accurate charges for the same so customers know what they sign up for.

Step 4: The installation process

Once we get the green signal from you, we proceed with the installation. We lay out the ductwork, make sure the unit is mounted right, set up insulation wherever needed and install it in the right manner.

Step 5: Aesthetics

Visible duct lines or drill holes in your walls can water down your aesthetics. We make sure we keep the ‘visual appeal’ in mind during and after the installation process.

Step 6: Cross-checking

We don’t pack our bags and leave once the installation is done; rather we stay back, check the unit’s working, measure its performance and ensure that it’s working as it should.

We install it all:

Whether you’re looking to install a centralized HVAC system in your office or are in need of a ductless mini-split AC at your home, our new AC installation services in Hallandale Beach, FL area cover the entire spectrum and are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Need a new AC installed? Get it installed the right way by roping in our experts. Dial 954-362-0439 now!