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Hallandale Beach AC Repair Hallandale Beach, FL 954-362-0439Are your allergies flaring up lately? Do employees at your workplace call in sick more often than they should? Perhaps, you’ve bigger problems on your hands than you imagined. When one thinks HVAC, they can only associate it with controlling the temperatures, but truth be said, it is more important to keep a tab on the indoor air quality that worrying about how hot or cold it is. Just because you’re in an enclosed space, it doesn’t automatically cut you off from pollutants, mold spores, dust,  dirt and other contaminants – and just because your AC is on, working to recirculate the air, you cannot assume that your air gets magically purified. It’s about time that you started paying as much attention to indoor air quality as you do about controlling the temperatures! Reach out to Hallandale Beach AC Repair, the leading AC expert in Hallandale Beach, FL area, that has enabled countless home owners and office space breathe in fresh, contaminant-free air.

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Indoor air quality improvement: 3-phase process:

Phase 1: Assessment

When called upon for indoor air quality improvement, most companies would suggest over-the-top measures, measures that you most likely don’t need. The indoor air quality may be fine, but the technician may paint it the other way around to extort money. But that’s not how we work! We carry out a complete assessment and test the air quality for pollution level, and proceed with the job, only if it’s necessary.

Phase 2: HVAC unit cleaning

This is perhaps the most important phase on your journey to fresh, contaminant-free air! Over time, dust, pollen and other allergens accumulate in the ducts and vents, which can cause the pollution to merely recirculate in your home. While we think that an AC is actually sending old air out and bringing new air in, it could actually be doing the converse, if not cleaned properly. Leave it to our experts to clean the ducts of all particulate matter, rid it of microbes using specialized cleansers, change/clean the air filters, and make sure your HVAC unit is spotless.

Phase 3: Installing additional equipment

If you want your air quality to go from ‘okay’ to ‘pure’, then you need to supplement it with the right equipment to keep out the contaminants. Depending on the level of contamination that needs to be eradicated, our experts will suggest one or a combination of equipment that needs to be installed. This can range from full-home air purifiers and filtration systems to UV lights that can kill harmful microbes. We source all our products from top manufacturers, which assure you of impeccable quality and long-lasting freshness in your property.

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Think it’s going to cost you a fortune? With Hallandale Beach AC Repair, definitely not! We care for our clients’ well-being and to us, nothing matters more than your satisfaction. To that end, we provide a full estimate upfront once we’re done with the assessment, so that you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Rest assured, we offer the best rates in Hallandale Beach, FL area, and most importantly, we charge only what’s right and never give up on our integrity to make some extra cash.

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